Launch: They are this and they are that, aren't they?

Photo credit: Jeroen Bocken

The publication They Are This and They Are That, Aren’t They? launched on December 6th 2019 in AAIR Antwerp, over the weekend all five participants presented a physical and or performative piece in the space for the occasion of the launch. This publication brings together works by Jeroen Bocken, Chloë Delanghe, Céline Mathieu, Ans Mertens and Puck Vonk, as a direct addendum to their STRT Kit #4 artist development program that took place in 2018.

The participants shared a studio, a trip to Caïro, the group exhibition “We’re This And We’re That Aren’t We?” at Kunsthal Extra City in Antwerp (curated by the wonderful Samuel Saelemaekers), interviews in HART Magazine as well as many (inter)national studio visits in the course of that year. As a celebration and continuation of that, the artists collaborated with graphic designer Goda Budvytytė on a publication that presents the artists’ independent artistic practices, all the while pointing at their being entangled, after spending this year together. In addition to the visual work, the publication displays textual contributions from Claire-Louise Bennett, Barbara Cueto, Nick Young, Samuel Saelemakers and Nina de Vroome.