Reworked Time Piece

Reworked Time Piece

Multi-voice and -sound performance, 17’30”

Rewritten version of Time Piece by David Mahler, giving a voice to female composers and soundartists in the new version. Performed live with musicians and text performers.

Text: David Mahler and Puck Vonk.

Performers: Saskia Venegas, Elena Tzanavalou, Davide Gagliardi, Samboleap Tol, Haroun Iqbal, Arne Naert, Willem Heylen, Lin Gerritse, Heike Kemper, Marko CiciLiani, Guy Cools, Johnny Lloyd and Puck Vonk.

Venue: deSingel, International Arts Campus, Antwerp, BE
Date: 14.08. – 18.08.2017
Exhibition: ChampdAction.LAbO 2017
Event: Final presentation night 18.08.2017
Ending the night with a shared Tuning Meditation by Pauline Oliveiros, this part was open for the audience to participate.

Photo credit Leen Bastiaens