‘It all starts with breathing’

Spoken word performance 10′, 2017

An immersive listening experience with participatory breathing exercises. This piece was site specific and started out as wanting to give the audience ‘something else’ in between all the talks, a full body experience in between the voices.

To speak out, to speak up, to get your voice heard. It all starts with breathing. And sub consequently how breathing determines your state of mind and body. Follow my voice and allow your thoughts to wonder, letting the mind go where it wants to go. And in doing so, being able to bring back your attention to a point of focus. In unison.

This spoken word performance has been performed at Integrated 2017, biennial international art & design conference at deSingel Antwerpen, BE, 14 & 15 November 2017. And at Garage Rotterdam, NL in Detached Involvement curated by Bas Hendrikx,  performance was part of the Brandstof event in collaboration with Poetry International, 2 June 2018.

Photo credit: Tijs Vervecken

Puck Vonk Integrated2017 ©Tijs Vervecken
Puck Vonk Integrated2017 ©Tijs Vervecken

Puck Vonk Garage Rotterdam

Beeld: Tijs Vervecken

Pictures from the performance at Garage Rotterdam with Poetry International during the 7th Poetry + Art Gallery Tour. June 2018 🖐🏻👇🏻👌🏻👐🏻 Photo credit: Bas Czerwinski