Puck Vonk, (1989, NL)
lives and works in Arnhem (NL) and Antwerpen (BE)

→ Resident at Fillip Studios for case holder dr. Khiet Truong and Ms Deniece Nazareth at the University of Twente department of Human Media Interaction. Collaboration with Jaijai Qi and Tosca Schift. 2019 -2020, Arnhem & Enschede, NL


2018 – 2019 Resident at STRT Kit, a project by Studio Start, AIR Antwerpen and Extra City Kunsthal. Antwerpen, BE


Laureate De Lucas 2016, Fine Art department, Sint Lucas Antwerp, BE. External jury members: Helen Dowling, Wendy Morris, Niels Van Tomme, Nicolas Vermot-Petit-Outhenin.


Publication STRT-Kit, THEY ARE THIS AND THEY ARE THAT, AREN’T THEY? ‘How to perform a text within a publication (instructions)’ and a text by Barbara Cueto ‘This thing we call a “performance by Puck”. December 2019, AAIR, Antwerpen, BE

The YellowPress Periodical TYPP #5, published article: ‘Graphical notations for performance’.  Puck Vonk on Puck Vonk. February 2019

Commissioned and published piece ‘Other places to visit’ in ZINK 05 – zonder titel, Antwerpen, BE, December 2018

Commissioned and published piece, script titled ‘[({_number 69_})]’ in Pink House Press ‘Php 2 – the power to move your buisness’. The Pink House, Antwerp, BE. February 2018.

Commissioned and published text ‘Open Was We’ and epilogue ‘epiloog’ for the book Where do the characters go when the story ends? by Karina Beumer. Publication Studio Rotterdam, supported by the Mondriaan Fund. February 2018.

Commissioned and published piece ‘Listening to a story about a horizon’ script with QR-codes in Fireflies Magazine a bi-annual print film zine. Issue #5 dedicated to Angela Schanelec and Agnès Varda. Ocotber 2017.

Published text ‘Schaduwspel’ for the book Toolland Johann Roland Brenda Martin Philip Puck Nico & You by Karina Beumer, 104 p.NUR 303 short stories / ISBN: 9789462286573 the book is for sale via TIQUE publications and Base Alpha Gallery, Antwerp 2015.

Commissioned and published column ‘Pippi’ in Gierik & Nieuw Vlaams Tijdschrift, issue on plagiarism. Antwerp, 32nd year, nr. 124, october 2014.

Solo exhibitions:

‘Free flow square yellow – graphical notations for performance’ in The Living Room, AIR Antwerpen, (part of STRT-Kit) opening 18 July 2018

Group exhibitions, public displays & performances:


Performance ‘My Squad is in My Phone’ at Marres 20th birthday,  18 September 2019. Maastricht, NL

Group show ‘…/CC01’  (Carbon Copy), Multiplied & In The End Books, Tique, Antwerpen, BE


STRT Kit #4, group show with Jeroen Bocken, Chloë Delanghe, Céline Mathieu, Ans Mertens and Puck Vonk. Curated by Samuel Saelemakers. Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerpen, September 2018.

Multiple ‘It all starts with breathing – graphical notations for performance’, 25 pieces, group show Multiplied Susan Kuijpers in collaboration Troebel Neyntje, Antwerp, June 2018, Antwerpen, BE

Commissioned piece (sound installation and performance) for the Moscow Biennale for Young Art strategic project “This site is under Revolution” curated by Barbara Cueto at the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow (MMOMA),  9th of June to the 22nd of July 2018, Moscow, RUS

Performance in Detached Involvement, curated by Bas Hendrikx, De Garage Rotterdam, event with Poetry International, June 2nd 2018, Rotterdam, NL

Performance in the library of The Townhouse Gallery,  part of final presentations night from the STRT-Kit trip, 7th of may 2018, Caïro, EGY.

Published piece in The Pink House Press 2: Php 2 – the power to move your buisness. Script titled: [({_number 69_})], group show, The Pink House, Antwerp, BE

Text ‘Open Was We’  and performance ‘Epiloog’ for the book Where do the characters go when the story ends? by Karina Beumer. Part of the book launch at Art Rotterdam, Prospects & Concepts at the Van Nellefabriek, Rotterdam, NL


Performance (YONN speaker) at Integrated Biennial International Art & Design conference ‘between creativity and criminality’, 14 & 15 November 2017 DeSingel Antwerp, BE

Published piece in Fireflies Magazine ( Issue 5 celebrates the cinema of  Angela Schanelec and Agnès Varda.  Script with QR-codes in the magazine, script with audiofiles on the website and a performance of the script during the magazine launch in Wolf, Berlin, DE

LAbO an annual multidisciplinary arts project on new
music, sound art and dance. With multiple collaborative performances during the final performance evening, group show. ChampdAction.LAbO and Eastman in collaboration with and at deSingel, curated by Marko Ciciliani, Antwerp, BE

Inter City: Futures Now, group show, curated by Nico Dockx, Geert Goiris and Kurt Vanbelleghem. Antwerp Art Weekend, Antwerp, BE

Multiplied, group show with multiple’s, curated by Susan Kuijpers, De Apotheek, Antwerp Art Weekend, Antwerp, BE


Marres Currents #4: Running Time, curated by Barbara Cueto (ES) & Bas Hendrikx (NL), group show, Marres, Maastricht, NL

Festival Woest & Bijster, De Veluwe, curated by Ellen Bouter & Biek van Galen, group show, Beekdal, NL

In de zevende hemel, Blauwdruk033, NH Hotel, group show curated by Ron Jagers, Amersfoort, NL

Helga Dejaegher & Puck Vonk, SECONDroom, duo show, curated by Florian Kiniques, Gent, BE

Lieven & Lievina, Kasteel Wissekerke, group show, curated by Kurt Vanbelleghem, Bazel, BE

Capital M, graduation group show masters of St. Lucas and Royal Academy, curated by Pieter Boons, Antwerpen, BE

Ways of water, Sint Lucas Antwerpen BE, Ringling College Sarasota USA and School of Art Nottingham UK. Group show curated by Kurt Vanbelleghem, Antwerpen, BE

Please come to the show, group show masters Sint Lucas, Antwerpen, BE


Waterways, Grossley Gallery, curated by Thomas Carabasi, group show, Sarasota, Florida, USA

BA3BA3BA3, graduation groupw show bachelor, curated by Geoffrey de Beer, Antwerpen, BE

Aleph with Lena Verijke, Ruimte 34, duo show, Antwerpen, BE


Weihnachtsexposizion, Showroom Sint Lucas, group show curated by Wouter Davidts, Antwerpen, BE

Painting party, LIIIm3 & Karina Beumer, group show, Antwerpen, BE

Paikan Muisti, Retikka, group show, curated by Markku Hakuri, Suomussalmi and Helsinki, Finland, FIN

SLA nocturne, Showroom Sint Lucas, group show, Antwerpen, BE

Jeu with Ralph Collier, Factor 44 sic, duo show, Antwerpen, BE

Streetwalker open air “ready-made” gallery with Kud Ljud, group show, Oerol festival, Terschelling, NL


Weihnachtsexposizion, Showroom Sint Lucas, group show, curated by Wouter Davidts, Antwerpen, BE


ZWART, Kunstenfestival, group show, Zwolle, NL


2015 – 2016 Sint Lucas Antwerp, MA Fine Art, Antwerp, BE

Laureate De Lucas 2016

2013 – 2015 Sint Lucas Antwerp, BA Fine Art, Open Atelier, Antwerp, BE

2012 – 2013 Royal Academy Antwerp, Insitu³, Antwerp, BE

2010 – 2012 Artez Institute of the Arts, Fine Art, Zwolle, NL

2006 – 2009 Landstede, Social Cultural Work, Dance & Theatre, Zwolle, NL