Puck Vonk (°1989) lives and works in Arnhem (NL) and Antwerpen (BE).

Puck Vonk is an independent performance- and sound artist, writer of scripts and occasional director of performances. Looking at her work involves reading and listening. Letters are things and spoke words have consequences. Reading and listening as an act, a field of action, or a metaphor through which we can better understand our surroundings and the way we perceive and interpret the context of social activity.

“Puck Vonk often places her work at the edge of the experiential realm: are we to look at her drawings and writings on the wall as independent works, or are we invited to perceive the whole exhibition differently once we have read them? Where does the work take place? Playing with the back and forth of observation – the dynamic of sensory and mental or emotional processing – the notations on view offer a script we may decipher, never truly knowing what the ‘right’ interpretation or execution is.”  – Samuel Saelemakers, curator 

To make her graphical notations, she freely uses and alters existing systems like punctuation marks, the alphabet, music notations, theatre scripts, choreography notes, Isotype, infographics, yoga instructions, breathing exercises and much more. She combines them with her own writings and drawings in order to communicate something that can’t be written down. Hoping that drawings in combination with text activate other senses and multiple levels of understanding.

It is about mixing the analytical tendency with intuition and listening to your senses. Allowing your thoughts to wonder, letting the mind go where it wants to go. 

A state of wonder, questioning what is, and why?  Why is this word correct? Where are my thoughts coming from? What colour is your imagination? Why do we read? What is visual poetry?