‘A play with an a of an upbeat storyline’

‘A play with an a of an upbeat storyline’ (2018) text on Plexiglas

‘WE’RE THIS AND WE’RE THAT,  AREN’T WE?’ (2018) site-specific vinyl cut-outs, various dimensions

Photo credit: Chloë Delanghe

“The work of Puck Vonk has a strong affinity with performance and writing. Through sly manipulations of attentive spectators and anonymous visitors, Vonk explores the boundaries of audience mediation. She places her work at the edge of the experiential realm: are we to look at her drawings and writings on the wall as independent works, or are we invited to perceive the whole exhibition differently once we have read them? Where does the work take place? Playing with the back and forth of observation – the dynamic of sensory and mental or emotional processing – the notations on view offer a script we may decipher, never truly knowing what the ‘right’ interpretation or execution is.”

  • Samuel Saelemakers, curator WE’RE THIS AND WE’RE THAT, AREN’T WE? STRT Kit #4 in Extra City Kunthal, Antwerp.