Puck Vonk °1989, Amersfoort, lives and works in Den Bosch (NL).

Puck Vonk’s work is framed within a linguistic performance practice, looking at her work includes reading and listening. Starting from the idiosyncrasies and objectlessness of the voice. She is combining speaking, breathing and non-verbal body language with hand gestures, recorded sounds, silence(s) and the use of ASMR related tools to create full body experiences.

She likes to perform visual poetry as it is at the interface of visual arts and literature and can be interpreted as bringing together both linguistic and non-linguistic elements that form a spatial-semiotic unit that as such can be read, seen, viewed and understood.

A love for paper, book(lets), writing and drawing often lead to the making of scripts, scenario’s and other forms of graphical scores. These paperworks also play a key role in researching the documentation and representation of performance, ephemeral experiences and live art in its broadest sense.

You could say or state that she is testing the invisibility and presence of the (female) voice by presenting the audience with multiple narratives in staged situations. Letters are things and spoken words have consequences (like a judge stating the verdict). This results in sound pieces, sound installations, lecture performances and multi-voice performances.

Her main interest is establishing a relationship with the audience, viewer, listener, reader. It’s all to do about communicating and sharing a moment, an experience…

In her work she simultaneously explores the voice as a powerful, evocative tool that influences the experience of reality and the status of the (own) female voice in current society.

Puck Vonk