Puck Vonk (°1989, Amersfoort) lives and works in Den Bosch (NL) and Antwerpen (BE).

Her work is framed within a linguistic performance practice, looking at her work includes reading and listening. Reading and listening as an act, a field of action, or a metaphor through which we can better understand our surroundings and the way we perceive and interpret the context of social activity.

Sound installations, spoken word performances, visual poetry, body language, writings and drawings all come together to achieve a nuanced depiction about the way interactions shape both our identities and relations. By these means, she aims to make us aware of the disparities in representation, the implicit forms of control over the body (and the voice), and the repercussions of the usage of female voices in the allegedly neutral digital sphere.

Overlapping recordings and graphic notations act as a script that requires an active audience to complete its narrative. While at the same time revealing the script behind the scenes.

She manages to navigate the immaterial path between organ and sound to convey and reflect upon sound as a powerful, evocative tool that generates, mediates and catalyses the experience of reality. Simultaneously she explores the voice as a powerful, evocative tool that influences the experience of reality and the status of the (own) female voice in current society.

Puck Vonk

Skype lectures – Interactive long-distance lecture performances, 2016, 2017, 2018